Apple to Get Rid of Ports for Earphones Starting from iPhone 7


Apple is getting rid of ports for earphones starting from iPhone 7.

This is part of Apple’s strategy to improve iPhone’s design and to enhance its accessories and it seems that output of audio will be integrated to Bluetooth. As Apple starts its ‘Wireless Smartphone’ strategy, changes in accessories and surrounding device markets are expected.

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According to parts industry on the 6th, Apple is going to release iPhone 7 without a port for earphones. It is predicted that wired earphones, which used to be provided in a bundle, will disappear as well. Bluetooth earphones and lighting port earphones are considered as alternatives.

If a port that has thickness of 3.5mm disappears, Smartphones can be made thinner and water proof ability can be improved as well. It can also simplify design of a Smartphone and enhance accessories and surrounding devices.

This can also induce an effect of collateral revenue if Apple’s business that cells its own accessories is considered. While profit ratio of Smartphones is decreasing, Apple is planning to break through this crisis by enhancing surrounding devices.

Industries believe that Apple will ultimately end up with ‘Wireless Smartphones’. Starting with a port for earphones, Apple is going to eventually get rid of all ports speakers and connectors.

Concept diagram of Apple’s new ear pods that were registered on the U.S. Patent Office

Concept diagram of Apples new ear pods that were registered on the U.S. Patent Office

Apple is actually a business that has been examining application of magnetic resonance wireless charging for the longest out of Smartphone manufacturers because wireless charging cannot be implemented with magnetic induction since iPhones use metal cases. This is Apple’s strategy to block off bottom-end of iPhones by eliminating ports for earphones, connectors and others.

“Apple has decided to eliminate ports for earphones for iPhone 7 that is going to be released this year.” said a representative for this industry. “Ultimately Apple is going to eliminate all parts for speakers and connectors, block off bottom-end of iPhones, and make wireless Smartphones.” This representative also added that this is Apple’s strategy to find a breakthrough by enhancing accessories while profit ratio for Smartphones including iPhones is becoming worse.

Some foreign presses also had reported a rumor that iPhone 7 can be released without a port for earphones. Business Insider, and others had put out such reports starting from end of last year. Experts’ opinions are divided when it comes to whether bundle earphones will be Bluetooth earphones or lighting port earphones. However they all agree that ports for earphones will disappear starting from next-generation iPhones.

On the 1st of March, function of Apple’s new earpods (earphones for Apple), which were registered to the U.S. Patent Office, was introduced. They were registered as detachable wireless listening device. Depending on needs, they can be used wired or wirelessly. Industries think that this patent was made by bearing iPhone without a port for earphones in mind.

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Regarding iPhone 7 not having a port for earphones, Apple Korea announced that it is difficult to make any official confirmations.

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