South Korean Government Selects 9 Fields for National R&D Projects


South Korea’s scientific technology industry has chosen AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR and AR (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality), self-driving vehicle, light material, Smart City, accurate medical service, utilization of carbon, control system for fine dust, and new bio-medicine as 9 national R&D projects. 

Total of $2.01 billion (2.2 trillion KRW) will be invested to develop and commercialize corresponding technologies and $1.46 billion (1.6 trillion KRW) of investments will be made by South Korean Government.

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President Park Gun-hye held ‘2nd Scientific Technology Strategy Meeting’ on the 10th at Blue House and put out detailed plans for9 national projects. President Park established ‘Scientific Technology Strategy Meeting’ in May of last year and declared national projects along with innovation of R&D system during 1st meeting.

9 national projects were chosen by deliberating tasks that were suggested by governmental research institutions, universities, and private businesses and they differentiate current method for R&D projects. By making tasks nationally, South Korean Government eliminated barriers between government departments and research institutions that had remained as chronic ills.

Private experts will lead all things in each project and this eliminates any interference from government departments. Project manager will oversee each corresponding project and also oversees selection of tasks, distribution of budget, and operation of project. Under supervision of project managers, projects can be modified even during process of projects to accommodate rapid changes in markets and development of technologies.

9 projects can be divided into two groups. World-class level of AI technologies, development of major VR and AR technologies, development and demonstration of major components of self-driving vehicles, mass-production of light materials, and export of Smart City were selected as projects to secure future driving forces.

President Park Gun-hye is making a speech at ‘2nd Scientific Technology Strategy Meeting’ that was held at Blue House on the 10th.  (Picture = Blue House)

President Park Gun-hye is making a speech at ‘2nd Scientific Technology Strategy Meeting’ that was held at Blue House on the 10th. (Picture = Blue House)

Establishment of accurate medical services, utilization of carbon, establishment of control system of fine dust, and new bio-medicine were selected as projects to improve quality of life and happiness of South Korean citizens.
Amount of investments per project differentiates from each other. Investments will not be distributed equally among 9 projects, but they will be focused on major projects. Total of $274 million (300 billion KRW) will be invested into single project.

“A new and paradigm that was never seen before and where new industries and employments are created has started as boundaries between industries and businesses disappeared and as products and technologies converge.” said President Park with emphasis. “Close cooperation between South Korean Government and private businesses is needed.”

She also added by saying, “Businesses that know markets really well need to lead these projects and present necessary technologies to researchers while South Korean Government needs to create a lot of synergy within private businesses through development of basic technologies, training of people and improvement of legal system.” 

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