3SMK Strengthens Its 3D Security Film Business by Utilizing Precision Nano Patterning Technology


3SMK is planning to expand range of its 3D security film business through nano patterning mold technology and is expanding range of application of this technology to famous sportswear such as K2, Kappa, Le Coq, NEPA, and NBA. Eventually it is going to start selling its products to variety of fields such as monetary markets, clothing industries, and financial industries that need to prevent counterfeits.

3SMK has 3D film solution that utilizes nano hologram with South Korea’s best micro and nano patterning mold and mixed mold technology at the center. Its solution can implement logos of brands, normal figures or pictures, and image texts as variety of 3D designs.

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For example, reason why 3D hologram is applied to clothing is to prevent counterfeit and falsification. It gives certification of original product into clothing itself.

“Because many fake products of South Korean companies are being made in China and others, they are demanding for solutions against fake products.” said CEO Choi In-sik of 3SMK. “While it is easy to just simply remove tag of an original product, printing nano patterning film that adds design elements to a product certifies that a product is an original product.”

Picture of NEPA's clothing applied with 3SMK's technology

Picture of NEPA’s clothing applied with 3SMK’s technology

3SMK’s nano 3D hologram technology manufactures mold through photolithography process. Polymer material is then manufactured with this mold and is applied with precise pattern.

“Compared to 2D film, technical entry barrier for 3D film is twice higher as it requires manufacturing of mold and design of nano pattern.” said CEO Choi. “When we change to roll-to-roll process, which is currently being developed, we will be able to have competitive edge in price that is similar to current market price of 2D film.”

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3SMK is currently discussing with Naver LINE and Kakao Friends Shop about applying 3D hologram to Smartphone cases.

3SMK also made technical cooperation with Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation (KOMSCO). By combining 3SMK’s mold technology and design technique from KOMSCO, they have developed 3D security film, which is a technology that prevents counterfeits and falsification, that allows one to clearly see 3D effects with naked eyes.

Goal of 3SMK, which is facing its 10th year of establishment this year, is to apply counterfeit prevention technology to money by working with KOMSCO. Besides this goal, it is planning to supply 3D film solution to variety of industries such as clothing, home appliance, interior, security, accessory, and finance by entering global markets.

“We are going to continuously work hard so that we can apply our technologies to many products such as next-generation semiconductors, displays, products that require prevention of duplication of ID cards and regular cards, money, and gift cards that request security.”

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