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Google brings about technological innovation through smart IP activities.
We cross-analyzed the key IP activities that Google is concentrating on (patent purchases, patent ownership and self-citations) to choose the ‘top 11 innovative technologies of Google.’
The top 11 technologies are those which saw patent purchases and ownership sharply increase at the same time in the past 3 years with self-citations also greatly rising in the past couple of years.
Google’s future can be gleaned if we take a look at their patent ownership and purchase strategy and the network of citations for innovative technologies

Table of Contents 

1. Summary

2. IP activities surrounding Google
– Google has had the best time ever since it released its Android OS in 2009
– Google main services and M&A timeline

3. Google IP Activity 2014
– Technology segments in which Google registered patents in 2014
– Technology segments in which Google purchased patents in 2014

4. Google’s top 11 innovative technologies
-Technologies purchased by Google
-Technologies owned by Google
-Technologies self-cited by Google

5. Google’s top 11 innovative technologies

6. Google’s top 11 innovative technologies and patent citation network

7. Google’s next-generation patents

8. Appendix

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