Lotte Hi-Mart Imports and Sells Oversea Released Samsung Electronics TV


Lotte Hi-Mart Imports and Sells Oversea Released Samsung Electronics TV

Kim Seung-gyu Apr 23, 2015


Lotte Hi-Mart will sell Samsung Electronics TV that was released in oversea market only domestically. The biggest electronics distributing company is supplying imported ‘Korea brand’ electronic.
According to the industry on the 21st, Lotte Hi-Mart is selling Samsung Electronics 65-inch full HD TV (model number 6350) that was originally intended exclusively for North America market. This product was imported via Samsung Electronics Korea management department. This model was not released in South Korea and was produced in Samsung Electronics Corporation in Mexico. Hi-Mart had begun selling only in limited 1000 quantity since last week and it is expected sell out soon.
Lotte Hi-Mart has planned this after considering the high popularity of many costumers purchasing products from oversea. Products that has small price difference from oversea price are very popular among ‘people who use online to buy foreign goods directly’.
Hi-Mart’s event TV price is 2,132 USD. It is perfect item for customers what wants a TV with huge display but not many additional functions. The currently selling domestic Samsung 65-inch UHD TV ranges from 4,172~8,343 USD.
This Hi-Mart’s reimportation sale is only a demonstration sale. If the response from the customers are positive, they are planning to reimport more Samsung Electronics home appliances and LG home appliances as well.
Lotte Hi-Mart related official said, “’If the customer wants, we bring it in’ is our company’s basic motto. Some people prefer premium appliances that has advanced functions but some customers prefer appliances that have not released domestically for a good price.”


Lotte Hi-Mart reimportation sale is announcing a change in home appliance market. The concept of only small companies buying foreign goods directly has been shattered. Until now, only shopping mall that ran substitute purchase system only had reimported goods. The biggest domestic home appliance distribution company has broken such thought.
An official from distribution industry said, “Domestic home appliance companies have been criticized before of selling only high-priced products among premium and standard products. Reimportation may become a trend here. Also through reimportation, people will have more recognition and wider customer range.”
Samsung Electronics official said, “We will bring in some of the domestically unreleased products so that customers may have more choices. It does not affect domestic market much.”

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