Kim Dae-hweon, head of the Development HQ, Nexon GT says, “Sudden Attack 2 will be an innovate FPS.”


Sudden Attack 2 is in the works with the aim of hitting the global FPS market next year.

Nexon GT will try and revive the FPS market with 'Sudden Attack 2' next year. “We are working on Sudden Attack 2 targeting the global FPS market,” said Kim Dae-hweon, head of the Development HQ, Nexon GT on December 14. “We will break the limits of the FPS genre with differentiated elements both at home and abroad.”

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Looking at indexes only, Sudden Attack 2's biggest rival is Sudden Attack. As of December 2014, Sudden Attack accounts for more than 80% of the domestic First Person Shooting (FPS) market.
Since its debut in 2005, it was ranked No. 1 in the share of cyber cafes for 106 consecutive weeks, and the number of concurrent connected users exceeded 260,000. Sudden Attack has been the 'King' of FPS games both in name and reality.

“The basic direction of Sudden Attack 2 is innovation,” said Kim Dae-hweon. “The focus was placed on not only succeeding to the users of the previous series, but also increasing the total number of users in the FPS market.”
Mr. Kim picked 'Squad War' as the core content of Sudden Attack 2. In this mode, consisting of team battles, the gamer leads the squad in person, and participates in the battle. You will give commands to characters on the same side, which operates on artificial intelligence (AI), and employ tactics in real time.

For one person to manage a battle for a squad, the user interface (UI) was newly developed and a patent was applied for.

“As several people had to participate in FPS, they had to play the role assigned to each. It was a limitation,” said Mr. Kim. “I wanted to help them feel the pleasure of employing tactics alone.”

In particular, he emphasized that he wanted to enable people with poor game skills to play the game from the viewpoint of a commander and give them a new kind of fun.

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Nexon GT is planning to introduce Sudden Attack 2 to the market in Q3 2015. “Sudden Attack is still faring well with 150,000 concurrent connected users, but I still believe that we must innovate when we are doing well,” said Mr. Kim. “I will make sure that Nexon GT will be recognized as an FPS development studio in the West.”

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