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LG Electronics has stepped up to reinforce their future IP competitiveness.

LG has been continuously registering patents for the past 10 years (2005~2014). Their patent strategy has been expanded from communication field focused patent registration to new fields such as △thermoelectric & photoelectric △voice recognition and audio △video UI △lighting.

According to the joint IPNomics report, ‘LG Electronics, what are they preparing?’ that Emerging Technology Research Center (ETRC) and patent professional company Patentpia together had released, LG had registered total of 2174 patents last year. Multiplex Communications field patent registration recorded at 580 for the most, followed by △remote communication (224) △mobile device & computer design (171) △video UI(132). Furthermore, they have registered about 100 technology category (USPC Class Title standard) patents as well. 

LG had gradually increased their patent registration, especially during 2010~2012 even in midst of global financial crisis and loss in sales in 2009. As a result, their annual patent registration has increased 5 times comparing 2005 (460 registration) with 2014 (2170 registration).


<Multiple patents that LG Electronics had registered (2014)>

During that period, LG had mainly focused on developing and registering communication related patents. They have focused on developing communication related patents such as △multiplexing communication (1921) △remote communication (1312) △digital communication (800) which led to advancing technology developments. Other than communication, they have been developing home appliance fields as well with △mobile device and computer design (1044) △refrigerator(640) △television(407) △washing machine(230개).

Lately, however, they have expanded quickly in registering new categories of patents such as △thermoelectric and photoelectric △voice recognition and audio signal △lighting △antenna. All these technologies have been growing dramatically the last 3 years in terms of registering patents.

Thermoelectric and photoelectric field had 30 registered patents over the last 10 years. Out of 30, 12 were registered last year. 60 patents for voice recognition and audio signal out of 120 had been registered recently as well. These are technologies that LG is strategically focusing.

There only few patents registered in these fields yet. However, LG only has begun reinforcing their patent registration in such fields.


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