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The future technology capability Samsung Electronics is in preparation of is being strengthened.

Samsung’s technological innovation is accelerating as their yearly patent registrations for last year exceeded 5000. In addition, they expanded their originally semiconductor•communication centered patent registrations to various fields including △HW Design △Thermoelectric and Photoelectric △Medical Equipment △Battery Materials. According to the IPnomics report, ‘Samsung, what are they concerned about?’ jointly published by the Electronics Times Future Technology Research Center(ETRC) and Gwanggaeto Research Institute, a company specialized in patent analysis, Samsung registered a total of 5249 patents last year.

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Among these, there are 500 mobile&computer design patent registrations at the highest, with △Active Solid-State Devices(470) △Multiplex communication(343) △Remote Communication(340) and more following behind. A broad technological innovation is in process as patent registrations in over 170 other technology groups(USPC Class Tille standard) were made.



Samsung intensively developed·registered semiconductor patents for the last 10 years(2005~2014). They actually maintain technical skills as they possess a large number of semiconductor patents such as △Active Solid-State Devices(3110) △Semiconductor Processing(2760) △Memory Circuit(2500). They have also concentrated on technology development in the communication field such as △Multiplex communication(1080) △Remote Communication(990) △Digital Communication(690).

However, recently, they have rapidly increased patent registrations in new fields including TV, Information Security, Batteries, Medical Equipment, Thermoelectric and Photoelectric, etc. Patent registration proportions of these technologies in the past three years have greatly increased. 

The concentration on new patent registrations is likely to be of a strategic field for technological innovation.


<Samsung Electronics’ IP Activity Trend(2010~2014)>

Such movements were more remarkable last year. A total of 186 battery related patents were registered in the past 10 years. Among these, over 140 were registered in the past year, which take up 94%.

All 40 medical equipment related patents were registered in the past three years. The thermoelectric and photoelectric patent is also a field Samsung is newly paying attention to. 23 patents Samsung owe were all registered in the past three years.

Other than this, a total of over 80 technologies’ proportion of patent registration made in the last three years were over 50%. This technology is the technological field Samsung is strategically paying attention to.
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The 80 technological areas in which Samsung greatly reinforced patent registrations include △TV △Thermoelectric and Photoelectric △Medical Equipment △Batteries △Virtualization Technology △Information Security △Audio Phonetic System △Lighting △Financial Data Processing △SW Data Processing △Video Distribution System △Image Transmission and Processing △Image Analysis △UI △X-ray(Gamma Ray) Device.

Although not many patents are possessed in these fields, they are receiving attention in that they are the fields Samsung recently started to strengthen patent registration in.

※ For detailed information, check the IPnomics website(http://www.ipnomics.net)

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