Samsung Electronics Is Launching Semiconductor Leukemia Compensation Committee And Receiving Applications Starting From This Week


Samsung Electronics announced on the 3rd that it has launched compensation committee to solve problems with leukemia caused by semiconductors.

It made follow-up measures by making intra-company labor welfare fund worth about $84 million (100 billion KRW) and establishing separate committee in response to itself announcing that it will enforce compensations.

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This compensation committee established by Samsung Electronics is composed of 4 members that specialize in labor laws, occupational safety and health, and society policies and 7 people from family measure committee and representatives from workers and company.

Professor Park Ji Soon of Korea University’s Law Graduate School took charge of position of the director of this committee, and Professor (Yonsei University) Won Jong Wook and Professor (Dankook University) Park HyungWook specializing in occupational safety and health, and Professor (Yonsei University) Kim Ho Ki specializing in society policies are participating as members of the committee that are experts.Samsung-Electronics-logoLawyer Park Sang Hook, who works as an attorney for family measure committee, is also participating as a compensation member of the committee.

By using proposal of recommendation from mediation committee as basis, compensation committee is going to examine details of compensation proposal that was announced by Samsung Electronics on the 3rd and confirm standards for compensation.

It is going to examine detailed standards to estimate compensation by including detailed range of illnesses that can be covered by compensation and method to estimate medical bills.

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If it confirms on detailed standards, it is going to evaluate each individual applicant whether his or her standards agree to compensation standards and confirm evidence data and decide on the amount of compensation.

It is going to gather opinions from experts and decide on illnesses that can be compensated and announce specific steps of application before middle of September.

On a separate note, it is going to set up internet homepage and call centers sometime next week and receive applications for compensations.

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If one is approved for compensation, he or she has to submit necessary documents such as service record and medical record to information desk or on homepage, and evaluation procedure for compensation will start immediately.

Compensation committee announced that it will carry out its 1st compensation before Korean Thanksgiving traffic.

“This compensation committee accommodates most of compensation principles, standards, and targets, which are included in proposal of recommendation that was announced by mediation committee on the 23rd of July, and was made using compensation proposal that was prepared by Samsung Electronics as its basis.” said Samsung Electronics

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