A Battle Of Smartphones Finally Starts As iPhone 6S Is Finally Released


3 mobile telecommunication businesses are releasing ‘iPhone 6S’ on the 23rd. After Samsung Electronics got the start on Apple by releasing its ‘Galaxy Note 5’ early in August, Apple set out to counter against Samsung Electronics.

Reenactment of iPhone 6-like trend, Samsung’s defense on South Korea’s cellphone markets, competition in reducing Smartphones’ prices, battle of premium and inexpensive phones are major points to notice. According to telecommunication industries, 3 mobile telecommunication businesses are releasing iPhone 6S at all of retail stores and regular stores. iPhone 6S showed a phenomenon of being running out of stock during early time of reservation by subscription. All of reservation by subscription does not lead to actual purchase, but it did confirm that many customers were very interested in iPhone 6S. Many new products that will take on iPhone 6S were also released one after the other. 

After Samsung Electronics released Galaxy Note 5, LG Electronics put out its premium product ‘V10’ earlier this month. ‘Nexus 5X’, which is a joint-product of and LG Electronics, and Lenovo’s ‘Phab Plus’ were recently released, and a match between them and iPhone 6S is expected.
There are 3 major points to look for during this Smartphone battle that will take place this fall. Whether or not iPhone 6S will be able to reenact iPhone 6’s hot trend and its battle of pride against South Korean manufacturers is the first major point to look at. Some people are saying that iPhone 6S will have hard time of reenacting iPhone 6’s trend because it does not have any major difference in appearance and its store prices is increased due to exchange rate.
A fact that there are many people that had already purchased iPhone 6 and that South Korean manufacturers enticed many customers by reducing store prices back up this prediction. On the other hand however, some people are expecting that iPhone 6S will be successful as iOS system has expanded due to increase Apple shares in South Korea. It also cannot be avoided of the fact that trend of premium Smartphone markets are affecting Apple positively after Mobile Terminal Distribution Act was enforced. 

3 mobile telecommunication businesses are releasing iPhone 6S on the 23rd all together. Employees from LG Uplus’s company-operated store in Gangnam are putting posters up on walls to prepare for events of iPhone 6S’s release

Another point to watch is whether or not reduction of Smartphones’ prices, which occurred due to iPhone 6S, will continue. Traditionally telecommunication industries had reduced their products’ prices according to release of new iPhone and increased amount of funding. Trend of reduction of prices due to iPhone 6S this year is very powerful as premium products’ early store prices were reduced. It seems that this kind of movement will continue on after iPhone 6S is released.
Battle between premium and inexpensive phones is also another point to look at. Popularity of medium and low-priced phones, which is being continued from Galaxy Grand Max to LUNA, is becoming bigger. Phab Plus and Nexus 5X were recently released, and Huawei’s ‘Nexus 6P’ is also facing its release date. As overall products’ performance level had increased, medium and low-priced phones are now being looked as products with excellent worth compared to price instead of ‘Silver Phone’. Whether or not Chinese Smartphones such as Lenovo and Huawei will be successful in South Korean markets and vitalization of phones that are bought at stores and activated by mobile telecommunication business are also other things to notice as well. 

3 mobile telecommunication businesses are having many events to secure early customers. SK Telecom is providing many giveaways such as immediate activation, voucher from Walker Hill Hotel, Rose Gold Case and others to first 100 people who buy Rose Gold iPhone 6S (64GB) at ‘T-World Café’ in Jonggak in Seoul at 8 A.M.
KT is also having a commemoration event at Olleh Square in Gwanghwamun at 8 A.M. It is presenting iPad Air 2 and Apple Watch to first member and providing full package of accessories to all of people who are attending this event.
LG Uplus is going to select 100 people out of those who had signed up for reservation by subscription at its company-operated store in Gangnam at 8 A.M. and have a commemoration event with popular celebrities. It is going to present free gift that is worth about $1,500 (1.7 million KRW) to a first member and give LTE Beam, a robot vacuum cleaner, and others to people by order of arrival.
Supply of first day of release will be short. This weekend when products are supplied will be a junction whether or not iPhone 6S will be successful. Distributors are carefully bringing up a prediction that market crisis regarding getting rid of current products and others will occur around the time iPhone 6S is released.
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