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Samsung Electronics(hereinafter “Samsung”) faced a total of 249 patent lawsuits in the past 10 years (2004~2013). Global competitors and patent trolls(NPEs) persistently attacked Samsung that has some of the world’s best manufacturing capabilities. We analyzed all relevant patent lawsuits and IP portfolios to diagnose the patent disputes and competitive risks that Samsung is currently facing. As a result, we found the following implications. 

  • After 2012 Samsung’s patent litigation risks can be said to have entered a “period of management”
  • “Top 5” dispute risks that will plague Samsung in the next 2~3 years.
  • “Top 5” future competitive risks from among the future technologies that Samsung is watching and will face the toughest competition  
  • The most threatening NPEs are ‘Rockstar Consortium’ and the future technology segment that is relatively the most vulnerable is ‘UI and Screen Display Processing’ 
  • Samsung is striving to reduce risks through patent cross licenses and M&A.  
For Samsung to continuously grow and develop new industries, a patent war and technology competition with competitors cannot be avoided. Accordingly, Samsung needs to make efforts to reduce patent dispute risks and pre-empt competitive factors going forward. 





Table of Contents 

1. Summary

2. IP activities surrounding Samsung Electronics 

- Samsung Electronics’ patent litigation in the “period of management” 

- Patent lawsuits brought against Samsung Electronics 

3. Top 5 IP dispute risks of Samsung 




- Technology groups involved in patent lawsuits brought against Samsung Electronics

- Technology groups with a high litigation risk 

- Top 5 Samsung Electronics patent dispute risks 


4. Top 5 future competitive Risks 

- Technology segments in which patents purchased by Samsung Electronics sharply increased 

- Technology areas in which Samsung Electronics’ registrations sharply increased

- Samsung Electronics’ top 5 future competitive risks


5. Present & Future Risk response

- Changes in mutual patent citations among Samsung Electronics, and Cisco 

- Patent competitiveness of companies merged and acquired by Samsung

2014.06 | Publisher : Electronic Times Research Center(ETRC)  






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