[IPnomics Report] FinTech War, Who Will Come Out A Winner? (Ⅱ)



The ‘FinTech business’ is expanding rapidly in and around both the U.S. and China.

As investment is quite concentrated in the FinTech industry, related patents are trending up.

Citations for FinTech payment patents by financial and IT companies are increasing sharply.

The competition among financial and IT companies is becoming fierce accordingly. 

The IPnomics report analyzed the FinTech industry centering on payment patents.

To do this, the industry was divided into five segments as following △payment architecture △payment circuits △payment devices △payment method △payment protocols.

‘FINTECH WAR, WHO WILL COME OUT A WINNER?(Ⅱ)’ focused on 3 segments, △payment devices △payment method △payment protocols.

Financial and IT companies cited a total of 189,936 Fintech payment patents in the last 10 years(2005~2014).

In particular, the segment for which Fintech payment was most frequently cited was 'payment devices.' This was followed, in order, by 'payment protocols,' 'payment architecture,' 'payment circuits' and 'payment methods.' 

※ Detail analysis on △payment architecture △payment circuits is described in ‘FINTECH WAR, WHO WILL COME OUT A WINNER? (Ⅰ)’.

Table of Contents 

1. Summary

2. FinTech and the Business Environment

  • The global FinTech Market
  • Analysis on FinTech related patents
  • FinTech strategies of global IT companies 

3. FinTech Payment

  • FinTech payment patents

4. Top5 FinTech payment patent segments

  • Payment Architecture
  • Payment Circuits
  • Payment Devices
  • Payment Method
  • Payment Protocols

5. Details of FinTech technologies ⑶ Payment Devices

  • Payment Devices & Company Network

6. Details of FinTech technologies ⑷ Payment Method

  • Payment Method & Company Network

7. Details of FinTech technologies ⑸ Payment Protocols

  • Payment Protocols & Company Network

8. Appendix

Aug. 2015 | Publisher : ETRC


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