Korea’s Ultrasonic Treatment Equipment Went Through Medical Entry Barrier…Alpinion Becomes First To Supply To Hospitals


Ultrasonic treatment equipment that was developed by Korean technology was successful in entering medical market as it was continuously supplied to hospitals.

There are interests whether this will serve as an opportunity where Korean medical equipment technology gets recognition.
Alpinion Medical System (CEO KoSeok Bin) announced on the 16th that it supplied uterine myoma ultrasonic treatment equipment called ‘Alpius 900’ to DongtanJeil Women’s Hospital in Hwasung and Heryoojae Hospital in Ilsan.

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These two hospitals specialize on variety of woman’s illnesses and they are expecting that introduction of this product will bring positive effects in treating uterine myoma that 30% of general women suffer from.

<Head Doctor Park Jung Won of Heryoojae Hospital in Ilsan is treating a patient with ultrasonic treatment equipment called Alpinion.>

Alpius 900 is first ultrasonic treatment equipment that was developed with Korean technology. It can treat uterine myoma without a surgery by utilizing ‘High Intensity Focused Ultrasonic (HIFU)’.
Just like how one can burn a paper by focusing sunlight through magnifying glass, HIFU is a type of procedure that burns and eliminates tumor by focusing ultrasonic waves to affected area. There are no scars or bleeding because incision is not necessary. It is getting a lot of attention globally because there are very little side effects as patients can return to their normal lives after procedure.
Although 20 companies in the world jumped into developing HIFU treatment equipment by realizing its possibility, there are only few companies such as Phillips and GE that were able to commercialize it.
Alpinion researched on ultrasonic treatment technology ever since it was established. It received support in its development from Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy and Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology because they recognized the value of its technology. It was able to finalize the development of its product last year.

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It is meaningful that it was able to enter medical equipment market that is led by GE, Phillips, and Siemens because it was able to actually supply its ultrasonic treatment equipment to hospitals. It receives focus in an aspect that it was able to expand Korea’s medical equipment technology level, where it focused on diagnosis, to treatment area.

Alpinion is planning to finalize Europe CE certification in second half of 2015 and enter foreign markets. It announced that it is receiving contract offers for monopolizing distribution.
CEO KoSeok Bin of Alpinion said that it was able to confirm its level of technology and stability by supplying Alpius 900 to hospitals. He also said that the company will do its best to increase its reliability and recognition in global markets hereafter.

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