Volkswagen Confesses About Its ‘Fabrication on Exhaust Gas’ In The U.S. But Is Trying To Win Over South Korean Government


It is been heard that Volkswagen, who confessed about its role in fabricating exhaust gas, set up ‘Power Game’ with South Korean Government who found a clue about fabrication.

Although South Korean Government found out about an existence of ‘defeat device’ in diesel cars 4 years ago and secured a report that Volkswagen was involved in it, it did not lead to an actual investigation. People are pointing out that Audi Volkswagen Korea’s noncooperation and South Korean Government’s complacency led to such situation.

According to automobile industries, National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) under Ministry of Environmental first found an existence of ‘defeat device’ while doing an investigation on confirming defects in manufacturers’ cars in 2010. It discovered a technology that purposely stops exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) from operating according to whether or not air conditioner is working and air temperature. 

It actually discovered an existence of ‘defeat device’ that can purposely fabricate exhaust gas earlier than Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With findings, Ministry of Environmental revised corresponding announcement and prepared a clause for manufacturers to submit information about defeat device.

Although NIER received a report from automobile industries that Volkswagen is using a similar method at that time, it did not investigate into it. Although corrective actions were issued after finding a possibility of fabrication in many Volkswagen cars, investigations on cars from Audi and Volkswagen could not be finished.

Car from Audi is performing a driving test at National Institute of Environmental Research in Incheon on the 1st of October.

“NIER found an existence of defeat device while it was doing an investigation on conforming defects in 2010. There was an impact internationally, and Ministry of Environmental eventually revised an announcement. Because it was Volkswagen was known for diesel, investigation did not finish even though it was necessary to take those steps.” said a person in this industry.

There were actually suspicions about a relationship between NIER and Volkswagen arising from industries regarding this.
Audi Volkswagen Korea actually went on ‘Power Game’ With South Korean Government. When a fine was issued for violating certification of exhaust gas parts under leadership of NIER’s business team, Audi Volkswagen Korea filed an administrative litigation. However it withdrew the lawsuit after many recalls were announced afterwards.

One of the participating researchers was placed under arrest for violating a law during an investigation. Because the business team that was under investigation was practically broken up during a series of processes due to transference and imprisonment, suspicion of Audi Volkswagen’s involvement in fabrication of exhaust gas was eventually buried.

“We left out the report since it involves an exchange of minor parts that do not have effects on performance of exhaust and we filed a lawsuit so that we can be considered for falsely accused. Because there are many opinions that we need to follow South Korean Government’s policies after a long internal meeting, we eventually decided to withdraw from this lawsuit.” said a person affiliated with Audi Volkswagen Korea.

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