Owners Of Volkswagen And Audi Want Compensation For Damage For Fraudulent Action


Class action in the U.S representing South Korean owners of Audi and Volkswagen is starting to take a full effect.

Two plaintiffs that are representing owners will submit their complaints to Los Angeles Federal Court and will file a lawsuit. It seems that a number of a group of South Korean litigants, who are preparing for lawsuits separately, will surpass 1,000 by end of this week.

Barun Law Firm (CEO Jung In Jin, Lee Won Il) made an announcement on the 26th that it has started a class action in the U.S. with plaintiffs Lim Ye Won (South Korean actress) and Chung Sun Mi (Hotel CEO) representing owners of Volkswagen and Audi. Lim Ye Won and Chung Sun Mi are owners of Audi Q5 and Volkswagen Passat respectively. They’ve decided to file a lawsuit due to a fact that their cars were produced from factories in the U.S. and that Audi Volkswagen Korea used advertisements from American corporation in sales.

According to the U.S. law system, these two people are participating in a class action representing 125,000 South Korean consumers. Targets of this class action not only include Volkswagen Headquarters, but it also includes Factory Corporation in Tennessee. If they are able to win this class action, all 125,000 consumers will be able to receive more compensation than actual damage.

Starting from the left: Lim Ye Won (Audi Q5 Owner), Chung Sun Mi (Volkswagen Passat Owner), and Lawyer Ha Jong Sun of Barun Law Firm

The main point of their class action lies on a fact that they were deceived by Volkswagen’s unethical action, and Barun Law Firm from South Korea, Queen Emmanuel Law Firm from the U.S., and Hagens Berman will represent South Korean consumers.

“If I knew that Q5 had emitted pollutants, then I would have never bought this vehicle.” said Lim Ye Won. “Because I feel guilty of riding this vehicle, I limit myself from driving this vehicle as much as possible. I am not participating in this lawsuit because I want to receive more compensation, but because I believe that Volkswagen and Audi need to receive harsh penalties for their fraudulent action.”

“I purchased this vehicle thinking that it was a ‘Green Car’, but I feel so angry of a fact that a company with worldly reputation had done such a shameless act.” said Chung Sun Mi. “Because I became even angrier due to a fact that they have not handled this situation as soon as possible even after truths were told, I had decided to join this lawsuit.”
On the other hand, a number of South Korean participants who are working separately in this lawsuit will surpass 1,000. About 730 complaints are submitted currently and 400 to 500 complaints will be added by end of this week. After this lawsuit first started on the 30th of September, a number of participants is continuing to increase.

“Current number of people who are participating in this lawsuit is about 730 and this number will surpass 1,000 if 400 to 500 complaints are added by end of this week.” said Lawyer Ha Jong Sun of Barun Law Firm. “Because there are about 5,000 people who submitted relevant documents, size of this lawsuit will continue to grow.”

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