Focuses Its Major Capabilities on Data and Connectivity


is responding to fast change of speed in IT and processes information systematically and connect and expand information to information, things to information, and things to things. 

It is focusing on utilization of information such as machine running, artificial intelligence (AI) and others, and IoT, self-driving cars and others are ’s targets.
CEO Sundar Pichai of had participated in ‘Meet New CEO Sundar Pichai of ’ event that was held at Campus in Daechi-dong in Seoul on the 15th. He focused on ‘Connectivity’. Not only technologies that will be used on IoT, self-driving cars and others, but variety of information needs to be processed innovatively and this has to be connected to the world fast. “Although PC, Internet, Smartphone and others have changed the world every 10 years, change in speed will become much faster.” said CEO Sundar Pichai. “Software (SW) field is especially faster in change in speed than any other areas.” 

Pichai said that ’s future goal is to find out how it can process many information innovatively. “Amount of pictures right now is 20 times more than amount of pictures 10 years ago.” said CEO Sundar Pichai. “ ’s mission is to find an excellent way to process all those information.” Importance of computing has increased even more during this step, and he focused on strengthening of capabilities of basic technologies that are used in many areas.
“As technologies such as machine running, voice recognition and others receive spotlight in just 2 to 3 years, SW and computing technologies are grafted into our daily lives.” said CEO Sundar Pichai. “As self-driving cars recognize and stop for people, computing technologies will be used in variety of fields such as personalized healthcare and others.”

CEO Sundar Pichai of visited South Korea on the 15th and had done talk concert with startups and students.

He also emphasized about importance of connectivity. “A reason why I was attracted to was because it affected people’s lives through internet.” said CEO Sundar Pichai. “As the CEO of , my goal is to connect people to people.” He also added that one of ’s goals in next 10 years is to supply computing device to all people.
He emphasized self-driving cars and healthcare as businesses that united ’s capabilities.
“Cars will become computing devices in the future since they are things that people use the most.” said CEO Sundar Pichai. “ will enhance quality of people’s lives through self-driving cars.” He also said with a conviction that connectivity will allow one to check his or her blood pressure every day if it is strengthened.

He also asked for innovative thoughts that welcome changes. “Most important thing in success is to aim high and push for it ambitiously.” said CEO Sundar Pichai. “Considering a fact that Android and Youtube did not exist 10 years ago, we need to continue our innovative thoughts.”
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