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In analyzing HMC’s dispute risks and future technologies we found that the company’s IP competitiveness has continuously increased. However, in the top 6 future technology segments on which HMC has concentrated on, such as environment-friendly hybrid cars, the threats of non-performing entities (NPEs) and global competitors are expanding rather quickly. We analyzed related patent litigation and IP portfolios, and diagnosed HMC’s dispute risks and future technologies, and drew the following implications.

• HMC’s IP dispute risks are rapidly increasing.
• We picked the ‘Top 6 dispute risks’ that will harass HMC in the next 2~3 years.
• The most threatening NPEs are ‘American Vehicular Sciences’ and ‘Blue Leaf I.P.’
• We analyzed HMC’s technologies which were registered most frequently and whose registrations sharply increased in the past 3 years, and picked the ‘top 6 future technologies. 
• The future technology segment where HMC is relatively vulnerable is ‘hybrid engine selection.’
• IP competitiveness in the smart car and environment-friendly hybrid car segments will determine the future of HMC. 


Table of Contents

1. Summary

2. IP activities surrounding HMC 
- HMC’s patent registrations continuously increased in the past 10 years 
- Case Study 1 : HMC patent applications 
- Patent lawsuits against HMC led by NPEs
- Case Study 2 : HMC and NPEs 

3. Top 6 IP dispute risks of HMC 
- Smart car-related segments are the “black hole of HMC risks”
- Technology groups with a high litigation risk 
- HMC’s Top 6 IP dispute risks
- Case Study 3 : Automotive NPE ‘AVS’

4. Top 6 future technologies of HMC
- Technology segments in which HMC purchased 
- Technologies developed by HMC
- HMC’s Top 6 future technologies
- Case Syudy 4 : How well is HMC prepared for smart cars? 

5. Appendix

2014.08 | Publisher : Electronic Times Research Center(ETRC)



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