ETRI Introduces 5G SNS Technologies for the First Time


5G SNS technologies are introduced for the first time.

Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI, Director Lee Sang-hoon) made an announcement on the 17th on 3 future critical SNS service technologies and 4 original element technologies related to 5G.

Regarding future SNS, ETRI will hold free demonstration of 5G critical original technologies at 7th International Conference Hall and all of its stadium.
‘Future SNS’ that is to be demonstrated is Pre-model that is to demonstrate and apply 5G technologies. Users can share any contents immediately while they are on the go and they can also communicate with surrounding things while sharing giga-level videos.

ETRI has succeeded in developing critical 5G technologies. Above pictures show demonstration of Compact MIMO technology. Oh Jung-hoon (in the back), who is the head of 2nd Wireless Application Research Department, is checking on demonstration.

There were 3 technologies applied in Pre-model and they are: ultra-fast mobile hotspot network (MHN) that allows giga-level communication during fast movement like KTX, near communication called ‘Zing’ that wirelessly sends giga-level large data instantaneously within 10 cm, and mobile edge platform that allows users to exchange contents such as giga-level videos and others in real-time while they are moving.

ETRI also introduced critical original technologies related to 5G.

Comparison of Single RF Chain Antenna and regular antenna. Performance increased twice and size is decreased by half.

It introduced 5G mobile telecommunication system that provides giga-level data service to a phone. This technology is planning to be demonstrated after hand-over technology, which uses multiple phones, is developed by April of 2016.

It also has developed full-duplex (in-band full-duplex) communication technology based on a concept of increasing speed by twice while maintaining frequency as it is. This technology can increase efficiency of frequency usage by up to two times at maximum.

It also introduced Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO) transmission and reception technologies that use single RF chain. This technology uses single antenna as if there were 4 antennas working.

ETRI also developed small-cell base station SW technology. This technology can send a wireless transmission speed from a small cell that is same speed as macro base station.

“We are also planning to introduce small-cell SW during this demonstration.” said Director Jung Hyun-kyu of ETRI’s Communication Internet Research Institute. “We are going to make 5G ecosystem while also developing technologies related to commercialization of small and medium businesses.”

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