Sales for Samsung’s and LG’s Washing Machines Make New Records Due to Premium Effect


Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics replaced their past sales records with each business’s new application products this year.

Sales for Samsung Electronics’ electrical automatic washing machines has increased 60% compared to last year due to positive effects from Active Wash. LG Electronics’ Tromm Twin Wash surpassed daily record sales of 700 washing machines for the first time out of premium products that cost about $1,685 (2 million KRW).

According to industries on the 14th, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics has added new pages to histories of their washing machine businesses by releasing Active Wash that has made the highest sales in Samsung Electronics’ electrical automatic washing machine history and LG Tromm Twin Wash that combines drum washing machine and inner-tub-turning-type washing machine (TongDoli) for the first time in the world respectively.
Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics both benefited this year from releasing products that have totally different concepts from previous products.

Samsung Electronics Active Wash (Picture provided by Samsung Electronics)

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics released drum washing machines in early 2000 and continuously had released new products such as steam-applied washing machines, 6-motion washing machines and others that remodeled previous products after that. However they both have caused sensation in washing machine industries by releasing hybrid-type innovative washing machines that are almost like new inventions at the same time. Samsung Electronics’ Active Wash, which was originally manufactured from an aspect of completely observing consumers in India, was seen as a case that was expanded from India that is currently growing to more advanced markets.
By end of October, Samsung Electronics sold 200,000 and 1 million Active Washes in South Korea and other foreign countries respectively in just 37 weeks from Active Wash’s release.

Due to positive effects from Active Wash, sales for Samsung Electronics’ electrical automatic washing machines in South Korea have increased about 60% compared to last year. Overall electrical automatic washing machine markets, which seemed to be in a slump, also have grown about 30%. Samsung Electronics also has resumed TV advertisements for electrical automatic washing machines after 13 years.

LG Electronics Tromm Twin Wash (Picture provided by LG Electronics)

LG Tromm Twin Wash is recorded as a huge project that took 8 years of development, 457 applied patents, and 150 employees. Speed of its sales also has made a new record. LG Tromm Twin Wash, which has started its sales in South Korea starting from August, is currently being sold at a daily maximum of 700 washing machines.
Tromm Twin Wash that has a model that cost maximum of $2,360 (2.8 million KRW) is the most expensive product out of LG Electronics’ lineup of washing machines. Even then, sales volume for Tromm Twin Wash with high capacity such as 19kg or above is 4 times higher compared to current products with same capacity.
Responses from global markets are also very positive. ‘’, which is a global media that focuses on household appliances, commented on ‘Active Wash’ washing machines by saying it is one of the biggest washing machine invention that has been seen until now and selected it as ‘Editor’s Choice’.
LG Electronics has started delivering LG Tromm Twin Wash to the U.S. from South Korea by planes for the first time due to urgent requests from distributors in the U.S. about rapid delivery of LG Tromm Twin Washes.

“Although Samsung and LG had released new products that are upgraded versions of previous years’ products by adding additional functions every year, it is important to see how they have introduced washing machines with new concepts that were not present before.” said a person from household appliances industry. “Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics had achieved dramatic twists in washing machine industries that typically have slow progress of development.”

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