LG Uplus Releases Huawei’s ‘Y6’


Number of releases of Smartphones that are targeting low and medium-priced phone markets that are spread out everywhere after implementation of mobile terminal distribution act is increasing.

This is because prices of phones is now major competitive edge in markets as functions of Smartphones are pretty much standardized due to development of technologies.
Huawei released its super-low-priced Smartphone ‘Huawei Y6’, which is about $84.67 (100,000 KRW), through LG Uplus on the 15th. It is practically free after one receives funding from a business and a distributor. It is as if a Smartphone that is legally free is available to customers.

Y6 is the first Smartphone ever that was released in South Korea with a factory price of about $84.67. As a Smartphone that costs about $84.67 appears in markets following low and medium-priced phones that cost between $254 and $423.35 (300,000 KRW and 500,000 KRW), range of customers’ choices has become even wider. Y6 is the 3rd product that Huawei is introducing in South Korea after X3 that was released last year and Nexus 6P that was released in the beginning of this month. With a factory price of $130.39 (154,000 KRW), its government funding based on 29.9 rate system was set at $113.46 (134,000 KRW). One can practically buy it for free if he or she receives addition funding (15%).
Y6 has 5-inch HD display, 1GB memory, 8GB storage capacity, and 2200 mAh removable battery. Huawei has increased convenience level for users by applying its user screen Emotion UI (EMUI) 3.0.
Its rear camera has 8 million pixels. Including 360° Panorama function that is usually applied to premium Smartphones, it also has variety of personal camera functions such as Smart Face Recognition, picture voice-recording, Sticker Walkermark, Ultra Snapshot and others.

LG Uplus released Huawei’s ‘Y6’ Smartphone at its company building in Yongsan on the 15th

Its ‘Dual-Phone’ function that uses both mobile telecommunication number and 070 internet call with just a single phone is its strength. One can choose internet call at places where Wi-Fi is available while using Smartphones through LTE48. While joining for services, customers can choose between just Smartphone, just 070 internet call, or both.
On the same day, Acer also introduced its low and medium-priced phone ‘Jade Primo’ in South Korea. This is a year after it introduced ‘Liquid Z5’ at KT last year. Jade Primo is a Smartphone that has Windows 10, and it is expected that it will pour in more diversity in South Korea’s Smartphone markets that are divided into Android and iOS.
Jade Primo has 5.5-inch Full HD AMOLED Display. Acer manufactured it so that it can be linked to a desktop while being charged to a docking station so that customers can Windows 10’s functions. It is a convenient function that can bring up Window 10’s functions that have excellent mutual compatibility between devices. Jade Primo will be released early next year and its expected price will be about $338.68 (400,000 KRW).

Industries are forecasting that not only Huawei and Acer, but other Chinese businesses such as ZTE, Xiaomi and others will enter South Korea’s Smartphone markets one after the other. They already saw possibilities as Lenovo had sold its PHAB Plus as a phone that is not released by South Korean telecommunication businesses last October in South Korea. It seems that Chinese businesses will especially go after South Korean consumers in markets with low and medium-priced phones that cost less than $423.35 (500,000 KRW).
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