South Korea, China, and Japan to Hold Congress for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


South Korea, China, and Japan are holding a festival for drone industry in Seoul next year and they are going to show off their technologies and results of their researches on drones that have emerged as a promising industry in next generation. Even though these countries are going to compete against one another, they are also going to help each other to secure status as top countries in global industry.

KODIPA (Chairman Lee Hyo-ku, Korea Drone Industry Promotion Association) made an announcement that it has agreed with SZUAV(Shenzen Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), JUIDA (Japan UAS Industrial Development Association) at 2016 Shenzen International UAV EXPO, which was held in Shenzhen on the 18th, to have a congress between 3 countries. Experts in industries, universities, institutes, and governments from 3 countries will gather to share trend of recent technologies and to discuss about a method of standardizing technologies.

These 3 organizations have decided to share their successful incidences of development of unmanned aerial systems for businesses and industries and international experiences. Goal of this cooperation is to strengthen their positions in global drone markets. To achieve this goal, they have decided to hold international events such as co-conference and others, to prepare a system to share information, and to standardize drone technologies.

Co-conference is going to be held every year. First conference will be held in multi-purpose room, which is located on the 8th floor of Shinchung-sa, from the 19th to the 20th of September in next year. KODIPA is planning to make this event as a place for opportunities for new businesses that will bring these 3 markets together. These organizations will share each country’s policies, technologies, and conditions on investments and look for ways to cooperate.

This is the first time where an international event that is held by 3 countries is held in drone industry. Shenzhen is where DJI Headquarters is located and seen as the clear Mecca for drone industries. There are also businesses in South Korea and Japan that show hint of promising drone technologies. If these countries cooperate, it is expected that they will create synergy by using each country’s industry's characteristics.

KODIPA is going to invite famous personnel to this event. Associate Administrator Shin Jae-won of NASA, who is the first Asian to hold a high position in NASA, will give a keynote speech. Besides him, many famous personnel from Chinese and Japanese industries will also give speeches. Debates will also be prepared to vitalize new services that are based on drones for aerial shooting, disaster rescue, scientific agriculture, delivery of goods and other purposes.

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"Based on this MOU, drone industries in South Korea, Japan, and China are going to share information and work together to become leading countries in global drone industry." said a representative for KODIPA. "This first conference will be held successfully in South Korea next year."

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