Automotive patent war, who is dangerous?





Automotive patent lawsuits are mostly filed by patent trolls (NPE). Those NPEs which actively brought lawsuits against automakers in the past 3 years have a high dispute risk.

For this study, We identified dispute risks based on the number of times that automakers cited NPE patents. We also diagnosed future dispute risks with a focus on NPEs that have been cited frequently by automakers in the past three years though they have not filed any lawsuit yet.


Table of Contents

1. Auto industry embroiled in litigation
- Current status of automotive litigation
- Automotive lawsuits filed by NPEs
- NPE patents cited by the automotive industry
- NPEs active in automotive litigation
- NPEs often cited by automakers

2. IP dispute risk by automaker
- Present IP dispute risks by automaker
- Future IP dispute risks by automaker 

3. NPEs focusing on automobiles
- Top 20 dispute risks of the present
- Top 20 dispute risks of the future 
- NPEs’ automotive litigation strategy

4. IT industry and automotive dispute risk
- Global IT companies’ IP influence 

5. Comprehensive analysis of IP dispute risks by automaker



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