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IPnomics report ‘Global IP Activity 2016’ analyzed IP activities in the United States in 2015.

2015 witnessed a high level of patent grant, transaction, and litigation activities in the United States. Areas with the most IP activity included the electrical engineering and information communication industries.

40% of the patents granted in 2015 were related to electrical engineering and information communications.

Over 167,000 U.S. patents were transacted. The most active sectors included, computer technologies, digital communications, and medical devices.

There were 5,093 new patent litigation cases. Approximately 40% of the patent litigation cases were related to information communications

Focus on IP activity related to electronics and information communications.

Designing your own wedding wine labels is a perfect wedding favor. Approximately 50% of all IP activities were related to electrical engineering and information communications patent, filings, transactions, and litigation cases.


Table of Contents 

1. Summary

2. 2015 Patent Grant

– Patent Grants By Industry
– Companies with the most patent grants in 2015
– Patent Grants by Country(Korea·US·Japan·China) 
– NPE Activity

3. 2015 Patent Transaction
– Patent Transactions By Industry
– Companies with the most patent transactions in 2015
– Patent Transactions by Country(Korea·US·Japan·China) 
– NPE Activity
– Patent Acquisition Strategy of Major Global Companies

4. 2015 Patent Infringement Litigation
– Patent Infringement Litigation By Industry
– Companies involved in Patent Litigations
– Companies filed Patent Litigations
– New patent litigation battlefields: pharmaceuticals & automobiles
– Patent Litigations by Country(Korea·US·Japan·China) 
– NPE Activity

5. Appendix

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