Automotive patent war, where will it start?




In the automotive market where leaders are competing fiercely, IP disputes have emerged as a new risk.Automotive patent lawsuits are mostly filed by patent trolls (NPE). NPEs account for a massive 90% of all patent lawsuits filed in the past 3 years.

For this study we selected the ‘top 9 automotive dispute risks’ that will plague automakers in the next 2~3 years. In order to pick the top 9 automotive dispute risks we conducted a cross analysis of technologies owned and purchased by NPEs, technologies involved in NPE lawsuits, and technology groups frequently cited.

Table of Contents

1. Summary

2. The automotive industry is now embroiled in litigation.
- Current status of lawsuits in the automotive industry
- Automotive lawsuits filed by NPEs
- NPE patents cited by automakers

3. Which technologies are dangerous to the automotive industry? Top 9 dispute risks
- Automotive technologies NPEs used for litigation 
- Automotive technologies owned by NPEs
- Automotive technologies purchased by NPEs
- NPEs’ technologies cited by automakers

4. Prediction of top 9 dispute risks by technology
- Distribution of high-risk NPEs and patents by technology
- Distribution of automakers’ litigation risks and patents by technology 

5. Automotive dispute risks and IT companies
- Global IT companies’ influence on the IPs of the automotive industry

6. Major NPEs for each of the top 9 dispute risks and comprehensive analysis of automakers at risk

7. Appendix


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