Antenna Parts Industries Emerge As Driving Force


As support of wireless charging function becomes more important to major Smartphones such as Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S6 and Note5 and LG Electronics’ V10, parts partner companies have emerged as main beneficiaries.

As it is loaded onto combined modules of near-field communication (NFC) antennas and coils that receive wireless charging, it was placed as a dring force in parts industries.
Samsung Electronics have opened Smartphone wireless charger markets by releasing Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 5, S6 Edge Plus and others that have built-in wireless charging function. LG Electronics is also preparing a wireless charging battery cover for V10 that can be easily replaced. 

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Wireless power transfer for electromagnetic inductive coupling method that is usually used sends electricity as magnetic field that occurs from transmission modules that are built in wireless chargers, pads and others is induced to receiving antennas that are located on the back of Smartphones. Although this technology was not chosen previously due to increased thickness and high unit price compared to efficiency due to addition of receiving antennas, it was able to resolve some of these problems as a combined technology with NFC antennas is developed.
Amotech, which manufacturers NFC antennas and ferrite sheets and others, has emerged as a main partner company that specializes in wireless charging function as it is supplying MST antenna combined modules for NFC-wireless-charging-Samsung Pay. Because it has manufacturing and developing technology skills of major materials to all-in-one combined modules, it was able to secure long-term driving force due to an expansion of wireless charging markets. Its sales of first half of 2015 alone increased 69% compared to first half of 2015 as I had made $133.5 million (150.5 billion KRW). Its operating profit had increased 638% as it had made $9.1 million (10.3 billion KRW).

It is expected that parts industries such as EMW, Rftech, Hansoltechnics and others will also benefit as Samsung Electronics has recently increased number of partner companies related to wireless charging and Samsung Pay antennas. Other than Smartphones it also had applied wireless charging function to Smart Watches such as Gear S2 and others and is planning to apply on its follow-up premium Smartphones as well. Due to this plan by Samsung Electronics, it seems that order of supplies of related parts will also increase as well.
LG Electronics has been receiving entire quantity of combined modules for receiving wireless charging that are built in its battery covers from IM-Tech. Accumulated supply of ‘combined module antennas with NFC and wireless charging’ of IM-Tech, which is a parts industry that specializes in antennas and camera modules for cellphones, ceramic materials and others, surpassed 10 million earlier this year. 

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It was able to decrease thickness, improve productivity, and reduce cost by creating a product that has a better performance that its competitors’ wire coil products while forming an antenna pattern onto flexible printed circuit board (FPCB).
Due to an increase of demands of wireless charging combined modules based on FPCB, an increase of sources of demand in FPCB industries such as Inox and BHE and material industries such as SKC Kolon Pi is expected.
Inox is providing 2layer-CCL products, which is an upgrade version of 3layer-CCL that are used for Smartphones’ wireless charging function to its customers starting from 2nd half of this year due to an increased amount of supplies from its customers in 3rd quarter. 

LG Electronics’ Quick Circle Case that supports wireless charging function

“Growth of sales is expected according to supply of Smartphones that choose wireless charging function.” said a person affiliated with Inox. “Securing profitability and increase of sales will be possible due to development of FPCB new material products and possession of variety of product lines.”
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