LG Electronics’s opportunities and risks


In the past 10 years (2005~2014) LG Electronics (LG) acquired a total of 13,640 patents.

Among them, the company acquired 6,072 patents (44.5%) in the past 3 years to reinforce its innovative competency. Especially from 2010 to 2012, when its sales declined, LG increased patents. This means that the company has continued to pursue innovation.

LG has continuously increased its patent registrations in the past 10 years. During this period, the company registered a total of 12,560 patents.

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In 2005 it registered 460 or so patents, but the annual patent registrations exceeded 2,100 last year. In 2005 LG intensively registered patents related to refrigeration, and recently it has been actively registering patents in the communications segment. LG also registered more than 1,000 mobile device and computer design patents.

The Top 5 dispute risks of LG are segments where lawsuits have sharply increased during the past 3 years and where NPEs have aggressively purchased patents. In the segments including the Top 5 dispute risks there are large NPEs like Intellectual Ventures, InterDigital Technologies and Rockstar Consortium. They are the segments with high litigation risks where more than 100 NPEs have filed lawsuits.

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