Samsung Electronics Registers for a Patent on Attaching a Fingerprint Recognition Sensor onto a Rear-Camera Module


It is found out that Samsung Electronics registered for a patent on installing a fingerprint recognition sensor into a rear-camera module.

Patentlyapple, which is a media that specializes in patents from Apple, made an announcement on the 26th (U.S. time) that Samsung Electronics registered for patent related to a fingerprint recognition sensor. Its patents are related to locations of fingerprint recognition sensor as one of them is about installing a fingerprint recognition sensor into a rear-camera module and the other one is about installing a sensor into a circular home button that resembles Apple's style.

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It seems that the reason why Samsung Electronics registered for such patents is because it wants to surpass limitations of Android models. It is possible to identify a person when one puts his or her finger on top of a circular home button that is located in front of an iPhone since a fingerprint recognition module is installed within this button. LENOVO placed its fingerprint recognition sensor on the back of its most recent phone called 'Phab 2 Pro' by considering the fact that an index finger usually goes to the back of a phone when one is holding his or her phone. Samsung Electronics is also planning to introduce a phone that can recognize fingerprints just by holding a Smartphone.

Two patents on fingerprint recognition that were registered by Samsung Electronics. Left picture shows a fingerprint recognition sensor installed in a home button that resembles Apple’s style and right picture shows a sensor installed in a rear-camera module. / Picture:Patentlyapple

Patentlyapple made an announcement that Samsung Electronics had worked with Yonsei University's Industry Foundation and registered for a patent on a new iris recognition system, which captures images of eyes and a face as well as iris by using 3 lenses. This system is composed of lenses with narrow focus to recognize a person's eyes and lenses with wide angle of view to capture one's face. During a rendering of Galaxy Note 7 that was introduced early this month, Galaxy Note 7 attracted many attentions by having a large sensor and 3 small sensors at the top of Galaxy Note 7.

Because it was found out that Samsung Electronics registered for such patents before Galaxy Note 7 was released, expectations are getting higher for Galaxy Note 7. Because iris recognition and fingerprint recognition are included in a UX beta program personal certification method that was newly introduced by Samsung Electronics previously, Samsung Electronics felt more pressure to include iris recognition into Galaxy Note 7.

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It is expected that Galaxy Note 7 will be released on the 2nd of August before 2016 Brazil Summer Olympics.

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