2014 Statistical Overview- PCT, Madrid, Hague system


PCT, Madrid, Hague

According to WIPO statistics in March 2014, the number of international applications filed globally under the PCT amounted to 213,820, representing a 4.16% increase compared to 2013. Korea experienced a 5.6% increase in PCT applications (from 12,439 in 2013 to 13,138 in 2014)—the 5th largest amount by country of origin.
The number of international applications filed under the PCT by Korean applicants has experienced a steady annual increase primarily due to a clearer understanding of the advantages of the PCT system, raising awareness as to the importance of IPRs, and continued efforts toward the consolidation of international patent rights.

The total number of international trademark applications filed under the Madrid System in 2014 increased to 47,885, the highest number ever recorded, representing a 2.3% rise from 2013. Korea increased its number of Madrid international applications by 33% (from 502 in 2013 to 671 in 2014).
The number of Madrid international applications submitted by foreigners designating Korea reached 10,402 in 2013, a 5.1% decrease from 10,967 in 2013.


From the time of Korea’s joining the Hague Agreement in July 2014 until the end of that same year, We oversaw a total of 15 international trademark applications as the office of origin, and 68 such applications as the designated office.

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